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Top 5 Camperos: A Delight of Malaga's Gastronomy

The campero is a typical delicacy of Malaga's gastronomy that has conquered the hearts of food lovers all over Spain. But what exactly is a campero? It is a large, generously filled sandwich, made with fresh, quality ingredients, which has become a culinary icon in the region.

This delicious dish has its origins in the province of Málaga, where it is said to have been created by a group of fishermen looking for a quick and comforting meal to take with them during long days at sea. Over time, camperos have become a popular choice in bars, restaurants and beach bars all along the Malaga coast.

As for the filling, the possibilities are endless. From the classic options of Serrano ham, cheese and tomato, to more innovative combinations with seafood, fried fish or grilled meat, the campero offers a unique and delicious gastronomic experience.

For those who want to try the best camperos in Málaga, we have prepared a selection of the top 5 not to be missed. From the traditional red almadraba tuna campero to the exquisite Galician octopus, these sandwiches promise to delight the most demanding palates and will leave an unforgettable memory in all those who try them.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious Malaga speciality during your next visit to the region - get ready to savour the true essence of Andalusian gastronomy in every bite of a delicious campero!

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