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Our priority is your integration

WELCOME MÁLAGA is a company from Malaga that aims to facilitate the integration of people and their families who are relocated to our city. 

Our goal is to make the transition and adaptation as smooth as possible. For us it is essential that the service is personalized and the change is studied on a case by case basis to ensure a positive experience.

We combine experience and in-depth knowledge of the city with data analysis that allows us to provide personalized and individualized advice to people and their families who are transferred to Malaga. In the same way, we make it easier for companies to attract talent to Malaga and thus be able to deliver their highest productivity by making people and their families feel at ease and excited about their arrival and stay in our city.



entrevista de trabajo


In this first contact between the employee and WELCOME MÁLAGA, the objective is to get to know the person as well as possible in order to offer them the best service by adapting to their real needs. In this phase the employee fills out a questionnaire and completes an interview to personalize the rest of the process.

Globo de escritorio



This second phase consists of a first trip prior to the final move to Malaga. In this first contact with the city, the employee will be accompanied to visit the relevant areas of the city with the objetive of getting familiar with the culture and city of Malaga. In this phase we will complete previously arranged visits to homes/schools to accelerate the process.

Maleta de mano


Once the employee moves to Malaga, they are offered temporary accommodation services, adaptation services at the destination and home and school search is finished in case it has not been closed by this point. You can find all the services in the below section. 

Our services

In WELCOME MALAGA we adapt to the specific needs and characteristics of each company and employee. That is why our packages and services are totally customizable. These packages contain a series of services and advantages so that the worker and their companions (in cases where they are accompanied) adapt to their new work and geographical environment. Below you will find a description of the two established packages with the services they include and a list of other services with which any of them can be completed. 

Feel free to contact us to create packages or do it yourself at this link. Once we receive the services you are interested in we will contact you with a quotation.

*all packages can be customized 


  • Preliminary analysis (orientation talk, cost of living in up to three areas and profile analysis)

  • Reconnaissance trip 

  • Welcome pack

  • Temporary housing search

  • Housing search assistance

  • Basic legal advice 

  • Basic administrative assistance (digital certificate, registration, utilities, etc.)

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