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1. Mild weather - Malaga is known as the sunniest city in Spain, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. 2. All the advantages of a metropolis - It is a major city and therefore offers all kinds of urban and metropolitan activities. It has more than twenty museums, concert halls, urban art and famous galleries of conceptual artists such as Picasso. It also counts with a rich and well connected infrastructure: one of Spain's biggest airports, well connected roads, etc. If you like the atmosphere of the capital but at the same time you want to enjoy the advantages of the coast you should considering moving to Málaga. 3. A rich historical legacy - Its charm, personality and architectural beauty are the result of a wonderful mix of cultures over centuries and centuries of history. You can find great monuments and historic buildings in the old town. Soaking in its history and unique architecture will amaze you, the famous Alcazaba, the Roman Theater, the Gibralfaro Castle and the Cathedral are buildings you can't miss. 4. Location - On one side the beach and on the other side the mountains. The province of Málaga has incredible beaches with different characteristics depending on the area in which they are located, ranging from the rocky areas to the fine white sandy beaches in the west. But this town also has a lot of mountainous landscapes that allow you to go on hikes and enjoy nature. It is also surrounded by beautiful villages and towns, ideal for short day or weekend getaways: Mijas, Nerja, Ronda, among others. Some of them are even on the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain, such as Genalguacil and Frigiliana. 5. Economic advantages - The cost of living in Malaga is generally cheaper than in other cities. Compared to metropolis like Madrid or Barcelona, living in Malaga is up to 20% cheaper. You can find tapas bars in every corner of the city, in addition to the traditional espetos malagueños, one of the most affordable options in the chiringuitos.

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