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The importance of knowing the Spanish culture in the relocation process in Málaga.

When we talk about relocating to a new country, it is not only about finding a house and a job, but also about adapting to the local culture.

In the case of Malaga, the Spanish culture has a great influence on daily life, which can be a challenge for those who come from very different cultures.

At Welcome Malaga we believe that for this process to be successful, it is important to understand and appreciate Spanish customs. Learning the language, being sociable and enjoying the local gastronomy are some of the keys to adapt to life in Malaga and feel at home.

What do we do at Welcome Malaga to facilitate the process of relocation and immersion in Spanish culture?

  1. We strive to help newcomers adapt to their new home in Spain. To this end, we offer personalized tours of the city and provide orientation on Spanish culture and customs. In this way, our clients can better understand their new environment and feel more comfortable in their day-to-day life.

  2. Provide information about daily life: We guide newcomers in their area of residence, providing useful information such as where to find basic services: supermarkets, pharmacy, nearby hospitals, public transportation, etc.).

  3. Offer cultural activities: We offer cultural activities, such as visits to museums, sporting events or local festivals, to help newcomers get to know Spanish culture and make friends.

  4. Offer Spanish classes: We recognize that speaking Spanish makes it easier to adapt to and enjoy life in Spain. Therefore, we offer Spanish courses designed to help newcomers improve their ability to communicate in Spanish and feel more comfortable in their new home.

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